"Are you finding a professional, reliable and competitive
Buyback Company in HongKong or ShenZhen? "

Join in ANT, we can help you make more profits and solve all of
your problems and worries.

Who we are?

ANT is a Family LCD Buyback & Recycling Company.

ANT has been in the cellphone industry since 2012 that are located in HongKong and ShenZhen, focusing on buyback cracked & damaged & broken & used LCD screens for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and LG, and in future we will do more models and other Buyback Program, such as motherboard.

Why Choose Us?

1. Reliable & Trustworthy Buyback Company in HongKong and ShenZhen

ANT have strict regulations governing ShenZhen & HK company and we are a registered corporate entity. You can rest assured that we are a reliable and trustworthy company that valued long term relationship with our working partners.

2. Best and Competitive Buyback Price

ANT offers you the best and competitive buyback price for your smart phone broken LCDs in HongKong.

3. Professional & Transparent & Consistent Test Report

Our turnaround time for testing screens is 1-3 business days, GUARANTEED.
ANT only test our LCDs using PHONES. Phones are opened and attached to LCD connector cables to be created into testing devices. Our testing procedure is highly transparent, consistent and reliable.
We test every screen in 3 colors: Black, Gray and White. We specifically test screens for: Color marks, Cracked, Dead pixels, Lines, Screen burns, Pressure spots, Touch functionality.

4. Fast, Convenient and Safe Payment methods

ANT offer fast, convenient and safe payment transfer via Wire Transfer, West Union and PayPal. We can guaranteed that payout will be issued once we received your confirmation for test report and total amount within one working day.


  • Best Prices in Market
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Fast Payments

    • Telephone: 86-0755-82771741
    • Email: buyback@antrecycling.com
    • Office Address:
      Huaneng Building,Shennan Road,Futian,Shenzhen,China

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